Always Under Construction


I finally shipped the Zoids that had been sitting in my private warehouse at HLJ since April and they arrived yesterday. Amongst them was my Psycho Geno Saurer and wow. Just, wow. So glad I grabbed that kit. I’m amazed by how good it looks in the default colours it comes in. The silver parts and caps look particularly nice!

Couldn’t help myself, started assembling it almost immediately. I’m not gonna paint much of it though. Just small details. I’d like to leave it mostly as it is. I made a point of getting a second one to repaint and customise. Big plans for that one :P

And I now have all 4 of the little organoid figures :D I’m so glad they included these, such cute additions to the model kits. While it seems odd Koto put Ambient with Specula in the Psycho Geno Saurer kit, I can understand why. I mean if they didn’t put Ambient in there, what could/would they put him with? A Death Stinger? I would have loved that, but I don’t see it happening any time soon.