Always Under Construction


It’s been a while since I posted any major updates about my Geno Breaker repaint… Frankly, that’s mostly because with so many commission projects on the go, work, my business course I’m doing and getting distracted by the Schubaltz Saber Tiger… well that didn’t leave much time for doing more work on it, but I’ve tried nonetheless.

It’s getting there, slowly. I knew right from the start, the colour scheme would be time consuming. And you’ve got to be really thorough or you get bits of the Geno Breaker’s original red showing through and that’s not a good look.

The cockpit however, is now 100% complete. Though I must say after doing all the wonderful details in the Saber Tiger cockpit, this feels a bit bland by comparison? I tried to go for a Tron:Legacy black glass, orange glow sorta look on the Zoid core and I think that worked out alright. I’m slowly painting up the leftover Leena figurine from my gun sniper to be it’s pilot. That’s slow progress, because in case you didn’t know, 1/72 scale figures are tiny. I also chopped off those weird gravity defying things that hang around Leena’s back. I have no idea what those were even meant to be?

Oh well. Main thing is, Scorn, as the Geno Breaker has been named, is getting there. Completion may be a while yet. But I promised myself I won’t work on my Van Blade Liger or Liger Zeroes that are currently under my bed, until this is done. And I really, Really want to make my Bladey and put it up against Raven’s Geno Saurer already, so that’s pretty good incentive.

Anywho, stay tuned for more! I may even post some of the fic and Headcanon I’ve been writing for Scorn.