Always Under Construction

Jan 1

At long last, the Raven Geno Saurer is 100% complete! This is my first attempt at painting and building Kotobukiya HMM Zoid. And what a ride it’s been.
I have no idea how many hours I ended up sinking into this. I’d just gradually chip away at it, doing bits and pieces at my own leisure whenever I had the time or motivation.

For this Zoid, I stuck to it’s original colour scheme. It’s the Raven custom and as such, looks like Raven’s second Geno Saurer. As far as I can tell, that was Navy Blue and Red and that’s what I went with. For the most part I’ve tried to keep it’s colours accurate. Though I did make some personal additions with the detailing, just to liven it up a bit. I was lucky int that by pure luck, I had paints that were perfect matches to the Zoid’s colour. If anyone is curious about the technical aspects of the painting, it’s all acrylic. Specifically Games Workshop’s Citadel Hobby Paints. Because that’s what I have an abundance of haha. But credit where credit is due, they worked really well. The Mordian Blue foundation paint is a perfect match to the Geno Saurer’s Navy Blue. And when applied in multiple thin coats, they generate a nice strong finish.

I can’t stress enough though, the importance of sealing the model with a sealer spray or matte varnish. And not when it’s complete. Do it in stages so you don’t wear paint off while your handling and assembling painted pieces.

I really enjoyed working on this kit, so very awesome, coming from nearly 12 years of working with warhammer miniatures and 24mm scale figurines, this was just so much cooler! Until my Geno Breaker is complete, this is honestly the model I’ve enjoyed working on the most and am happiest with, really wish I’d got one sooner.

If anyone is interested, head over to my deviant art gallery to see some better pics of the completed Geno Saurer.

- Beau